How To Rent or Buy a House in Mexico City

These houses in Coyoacan, Mexico City, are probably crazy expensive.
Hi fellow travellers! Another reader question today, this time from Ginnie on finding houses to buy or rent in Mexico City:

Thanks for your frank and humorous posts on living in DF! My husband's being interviewed for a job close to San Mateo Tlaltenango and I'm checking out costs, housing, etc... your link is brilliant for finding rooms, but do you recommend any links for finding a house? I speak reasonable Spanish so not dependent on Craig's List!

Real Estate Websites

My husband just started researching buying rental properties so you're in luck! He provided me with a great list of local websites you can use to find a house to rent or buy in Mexico City.

A popular website from Mexico that specializes in real estate. You can find houses to buy or rent, as well as other types of properties. Nice layout and functionality.

Another popular website from Mexico that's real-estate only.

Less popular but a viable option.

This massive website sells just about everything but they have a considerable real estate section too.

Same idea as the above. Very popular Craigslist-like website in Mexico.

This website has government properties you can buy with a credit available to Mexican citizens. An option for those of you with Mexican spouses.

What Neighborhoods to Consider:
  1. La Condesa is expat central and perfect for young folks who like to be close to the party and upmarket retail. Leafy and safe with a great running track but potentially loud at night and filled with drunks and crazy valet parking dudes driving like maniacs. Also the rent is expensive but probably still cheaper than you're used to paying at home.
  2. La Roma (Norte and Sur) is close to La Condesa. It also has a youth vibe with plenty of cafes and bars but it's more chill. Central but tranquil. Great access to transit and nice little parks and cheaper than Condesa.
  3. Polanco is for those who want to rent a tony condo and have access to top-notch malls in a safe, tranquil neighborhood. Better for those with a car since transit access is not great and it's a bit north of the center. Also, the traffic is crazy there at rush hour and prices are high.
  4. Escandon or Narvarte. These neighborhoods are different (the former is south of Condesa and the latter is sort of south and east of Roma). Both are cheaper and very tranquil and residential. Good access to transit and close to downtown. Downside is that you won't get a lot of exciting retail or nightlife in either.
  5. Coyoacan is my home and my favorite. It's quite south but has good access to transit. Those who want to be close to the party in Condesa/Roma won't like it as transit in DF closes after midnight and you'll pay quite a bit to get a taxi after that. That said, it has a growing nightlife, beautiful and tranquil colonial streets, lovely cafes and cultural offerings and it's safe. My pick of the litter.
**The above section on location was taken from my blog post on finding an apartment in Mexico City.

Legal Considerations has all the legal details and other specifics of buying a house in Mexico.

By the way, if you're looking to stay somewhere in Mexico City while you're looking for a house then click this link to go to AirBnB and get $25 USD in travel credit -- my gift to you!



Emily Merrell said...

Wow, thank you so much for these tips on how to rent a house in Mexico City. I lived in Lomas de Chapultapec for a couple of years, and I loved it out there. I would prefer to not live in La Roma or La Condesa where it is a little bit more populated. But I'll have to keep these in mind next time I decide to move back down there.

Pho. said...

Just found your blog. Am relocating to Mexico city from the U.S. in about a year and trying to wrap my head around it all. Really thankful for your very informative and practical posts! I'll be combing through all of them.

cadenjacoby said...

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NancyRichard said...

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Anonymous said...

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Joseph Main said...
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Joseph Main said...
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Joseph Main said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice tips and resources. I can use these next year. I'm planning to go on a vacation in Mexico City for a few months, after all.

Margaret C. Mack said...

Well, I wish this material to be seen earlier. I was looking an apartment for rent in Mexico for a few months. I've used this guys to pack my staff and keep it for a while.

Lakshmi Priya said...
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Condos for Sale said...

Thanks for sharing these tips about, how to find an apartment in Mexico.

kamila ortiz said...
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Unknown said...

I'm Indian I want to buy apartment of 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1 kitchen that's my requirements only I want to live there for rest of my life will you please help me

Anuto said...

Nice compilation and tips! I would recommend Narvarte as a quiet but very nice place to stay

Flip Jork said...

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