Dating In Mexico City: Everything You Need To Know

My husband, Miguel, and I on a date in Mercado del Carmen in San Angel, Mexico City.
I recently received a reader letter about dating in Mexico City and realized I really hadn't touched on the topic. Here's a snippet of the letter:

"...I feel like I’m a little out of touch with all the details of expat life...One of my big preoccupations now is finding a social circle, including a 45+ dating circle!  I know you are quite a bit younger, and married, but having lived in and written about Mexico for awhile, I thought I’d inquire about any insights/suggestions you may have."

Yes, it has been a while since old B dated her way through Mexico City. However, since I did manage to meet and marry a Mexican man while here, I guess you could say I'm a success story? Maybe?

Anyway, let get to it! Let's date some people!


Just like at home, work or school is a great place to meet people. If you're coming to DF for a job, chances are even if there's no one datable at your job, your new coworkers will know good people. If you're working at a language school, chances are there will be plenty of other single foreigners. Same deal if you're taking Spanish classes.

Classes or Groups

If you're freelancing and not taking classes, look for organizations in your industry (such as a group for software programmers) or language exchange groups on sites like Or sign up for Spanish classes at UNAM or International House. Or take other language classes. Alianza Francesa has a wide network of French language schools in the city.

Alternatively, take a dance class! You'll also find that if you go salsa dancing at places like Mama Rumba you'll find plenty of willing partners.

Teaching English

Slightly gross but possible. I know another teacher who dated her student and I've got "I would date you" vibes from countless male students, both cute and old/disgusting/married. I can totally see this working if you guys are the same age. After all, people only tend to take classes for a limited period of time and a lot of corporate places offer classes as a perk to younger employees (if you're looking for someone younger). 

Probably not a great idea if the age gap is wide--and there's a lot of 20-something teachers and 40-something students. You're probably going to be seen less as a serious dating prospect and more as a fun play toy to be picked up and then tossed aside. So even if you have daddy (or mommy) issues, please just don't go there.

Miguel and I prepare to go out dancing with friends in Mexico City.
Expat Organizations/Groups

For younger folk, Couchsurfing is a great option. When I first got to DF, I met tons of guys through Couchsurfing who had drinks with me and showed me the city. None of them were specifically dates, which was nice because I got to know them as friends first. And there was only one creepy guy out of the bunch!

Word to the wise, never ever get in anyone's car you just met (or have met only a couple of times). I did that once and while nothing bad happened, I got a seriously off vibe from this dude once I was shut up in his car. NEVER DO THIS.

Folks over thirty or forty might prefer InterNations since it seems to attract an older crowd, both expat and Mexican. Their big parties can be a bit overwhelming so I recommend finding smaller activities, like sightseeing tours or book clubs or language exchanges to start out--this advice works well for both friends/dating. also has plenty of different groups in Mexico City. Some of the expat groups seem to cater to a younger crowd that likes to drink but more specialized interest groups, specifically ones for locals (if your Spanish is good enough), might cater better to your dating needs. 

Friends of Friends

I think that the best dating pool comes from friends of friends. So if you make an effort to make friends through Meetup, Internations, Couchsurfing, work or whatever, these friends will inevitably introduce you to their friends and a more savoury dating pool.

Because honestly, a lot of Mexican guys on expat sites are just looking to hookup with foreigners. Can be a little gross. Guys, there are occasionally some Mexican ladies looking for the same thing. 

Dating Websites

I know that friends of mine have used the Plenty of Fish website and Tinder app to find dates here, with varying results. I have no personal experience with this but it can be a fast and easy way to start dating if you're new in the city.

Random People on the Street

Actually an option. The first guy I dated in Mexico City I met at a taco stand. He was not totally my type but he did take me to a couple of great parties, and for tacos, and to a recording session of his friend's band, which were fun experiences. Also, he was totally not creepy! Yay! If you're a foreigner, people will talk to you. Enjoy it.

**Do you have a hot tip for dating in Mexico City? Success story? 
Share in the comments below!**


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