What To Do In Taxco, Mexico

Hi guys! So I went to Taxco, Mexico recently and wanted to share a couple of photos and tips.

Taxco is about two and a half hours outside of Mexico City (in Guerrero state). It's a smallish city and is known for its bargain silver jewelry and pretty mountainside setting.

This is the amazing cathedral in Taxco. Sorry, my camera was being dumb.

Where To Stay

I booked through AirB&B but somehow the place ended up being a hotel? Called the Casa Grande. Central enough but the shared bathrooms were gross. I definitely would stay somewhere else.

Click this link to go to AirBnB and get $25 USD in travel credit. Then use it to go to Taxco!

The view from Bar El Adobe. Close to the Casa Grande hotel.

Where To Eat

Oh maaannn. We went to Pozoleria Tia Calla twice it was so good! Definitely order the pozole. It comes with avocado and chicharron (friend pork skin) and is bargain-basement cheap. The enchiladas suizas also looked amazing.

Pozole from Tia Calla.

The Punto del Cielo cafe on the main square is a nice place to grab a cup of coffee. It has wi-fi and a little balcony that overlooks the square.

Pizza Pazza is a nice rooftop bar/restaurant that also overlooks the square. The pizza is soooo tasty. We had one with bacon and rajas (chili peppers) that was divine.

Hosteria Bar El Adobe has awful food (ugh) but it has the sweetest little balcony with a private table that overlooks a smaller square. Go for drinks.

Where To Go

Not having any budget for jewellery, I didn't go into any of the (many) silver shops and markets. I really enjoyed just sitting in the main square with an ice cream from Tepozneives or strolling around the pretty, windy cobblestone streets. On weekends, there's salsa/cumbia dancing in the square (we joined in on Sunday night!).

Also, don't miss the Parque Nacional Grutas de Cachuamilpa. It has a mind-boggling cave that's 2 kilometers long. Just ask at the terminal on Avenida de los Plateras for the right bus. It's about a half hour trip. You'll have an option to jump in a taxi when you get off but the park is SO close and the road is downhill, I really didn't think it was worth it.

I would really try to visit the cave during the week. We went on a Tuesday and our tour group was huge enough. I can't imagine going on a Saturday! There are tours every hour. The tour itself is kind of dumb but you get to walk back by yourself and enjoy the cave solo-ish. Be sure to order one of the epic micheladas (beer with salsa) when you're done. You can then take a bus back to Taxco or go onwards to Cuernavaca/Mexico City. The bus stop is by a torta stand/the coco loco stands.

That's it! Do you want to go to Taxco or have you been already? What did you think?



Jeremy Albelda said...

I just spent a weekend in Taxco, it was really nice. I had a pozole too, perfect snack!

B.Kienapple said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Jeremy! The pozole really is amazing.

Cassandra said...

Everything is very interesting

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