Eating All The Things: Thai Food Greatest Hits

Food is a great way to access a culture, it's said. That said, I ate quite a bit of Thai food in Toronto and didn't know a single other thing about Thailand like say, it's a Buddhist country or that it's in Asia (joke, I knew that). So maybe food is a useless way to access a culture.

What I can tell you is that Thai food is healthy, not heavy, naturally vegan (if you ask for tofu), and bursting with crazy flavour. I've compiled a greatest hits of my fave Thai eats below from our month in Thailand. We traveled from Bangkok all the way to Malaysia, so the food here is representative of food from the capital and the seafood-heavy dishes of the south.

Also of note: Thais are amazingly clean in all aspects and this translates to their street food. So you can rest assured that your noodles/ice/water/fruit will not leave you heaving in an hour.

Pad Thai, Bangkok, Thailand
Pad Thai! Less sweet than the stuff I ate in Canada. Bangkok is filled with dirt-cheap
Pad Thai vendors that let you choose your mixings: egg, chicken etc. This one was especially
memorable because of the tiny little dried shrimp!
Fried squid, Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
Stir-fried squid in Chinatown, Bangkok. The garlicy sauce was divine 
plus the squid was super fresh.
Soup, floating market, Bangkok, Thailand
Noodle soup at a floating market outside of Bangkok. Fresh fish balls, pork 
and a delicatelyseasoned soup made for a light but restorative breakfast.
Ground pork, Bangkok, Thailand
Not healthy but delicious and spicy ground pork in Bangkok. Greasy 
in the right way and filled with two very flavourful types of chili. Mmm.
Green curry, Koh Tao, Thailand
OMG I could eat this every day. Green coconut curry with chicken 
and veg including tiny green eggplant. Fresh, healthy, explosive flavour. 
Had this at Coco Garden's restaurant on Koh Tao, Thailand.
Pad Thai in Ko Lanta, Thailand. This time with tofu, shrimp, and CASHEWS!
Plus that godsend of all spicy food, cucumbers.
Fruit shakes. Not pictured, but any of this can be converted into amazing shakes
for less than a dollar! Sugar if you want it and plenty of ice and fruit. 
I love dragonfruit and banana. Kiwi and starfruit are good for sour lovers.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page -- within the next week I'll post all the dishes that didn't make this post.


August said...

Most of that looks pretty amazing. Especially the squid. (I've been on a squid kick recently. Lady Friend and I have been hitting up a lot of Japanese places because she's vegan and they usually have stuff she can eat, and I almost always get the ikayaki.)

B.Kienapple said...

Your friend should try Indonesian food! A lot of it is vegan. Or if not available, Indian is good too. Also, the squid was amazing. :)

August said...

Will definitely look into Indonesian, which I don't think I've had before. LF is really into Indian food; I really like it, but my stomach thing makes me really cautious of heavily spiced foods. Even if they aren't "hot" per se, foods with a lot of spice/seasoning can do pretty horrible things to me.

Thailand Itinerary said...

Wow. . Thai food is really so spicy and delicious. I have been to Bangkok twice and Phuket once. During my trip I enjoyed various dishes of Thai food and loved all of them. MK Restaurant from Bangkok is my favorite eats out spot.
I am from India and I ate Thai food in some of the restaurants in India as well. But it was always a great feeling for me to enjoy Thai food in its home land. I would definitely love be in Thailand again to enjoy it.


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