Fish Market Mayhem: A Visit To La Nueva Viga, Mexico City

As a seafood lover I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the largest seafood market in Mexico City--La Nueva Viga. It's adjacent to the main food distribution hub in the city, Central de Abastos, which is reportedly its own mini-city in itself.

I both love and hate that in Mexico food is not sanitized for your delicate stomach. Go to any market and you're sure to find headless chickens with their little feet dangling off the table or a whole pig's head on a hook -- all not refrigerated and smelling very, well, meaty.

Anyway, La Neuva Viga is the go-to destination for market vendors and restaurant chefs for cheap and uber fresh seafood. In photos, here's how we made out:

The boyfriend at the entrance to La Nueva Viga.
The feasting begins with a shrimp tostada. Can't recall name of restaurant but look for the marimba music!
This dish is called Heaven On Earth, or it should be. Seafood in buttery green tomato sauce.
A selection of Mexico's finest. Huachinango is especially tasty IMO.
Fresh tuna from Veracruz heyyyy.
Fresh, succulent shrimp.
My boyfriend and I are ga-ga over octopus. I adore the texture, especially if it's cooked right.
How To Get There

This is a tricky one as the market is in no-man's-land. Take the green line to Apatlaco station and hail a cab. Or there's a bus that passes by Etiopia and Revolucion subway stations that heads right to the market. If you don't get over that way, it's a great way to get back at the buses are right by the exit.


Buy a whole fish and get it filleted on the spot. Chow down in one of the many restaurants -- the seafood is guaranteed to be super fresh. Go as early as you can as the market starts wrapping up around 4 p.m.


The market is in Iztapalapa which is widely considered to be the ghettoest of ghetto neighborhoods. That said, this is your chance to see it if you want to. Just don't go wandering, don't go at night, and try to go with a local. The market itself is completely safe.

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