Girls Is Not a Feminist Show

I finally saw the pilot for HBO's Girls last night. My main reaction to it was NO.

Honest portrayal of today's 20-something woman or not, it's not a feminist show.

Female neurosis is celebrated in the media as "being real." Please see Emily Gould, Sloane Crosley, and every other woman writing a memoir in this genre. And now, see Girls.

I don't believe that it's empowering to celebrate every tick and itch, though Lord knows we all have them. I just want to see flawed women with cares and concerns beyond their own bubble.

Can we see women volunteering? Running for political office? Writing a column (that isn't about sex)? Talking about books they've read? Maybe it's not as sexy as getting fucked on a couch by your self-absorbed douche bag boyfriend after your parents refuse to fund your unpaid internship for any longer (again, see Girls), but caring about things outside of your ridiculously enfranchised headspace is what's really "real."

We're better than this drivel.


contrast essay said...

Well the perception of whether that show is feminist or no is really very controversial question but as I saw it so I agree with you that it really was not..!!

Essay writing said...

This is indeed a very difficult question and I hope it would be a feminist one as most of the part has a greater essence of some feminine aspect.. :)

sales and use tax said...

Who know whether it be more feminine or not as this is quite hard to perceive....female's perception is very dynamic other than of what we think...They are simply unpredictable in many aspects!

Anonymous said...

When the female characters in Girls actually do some feminist activism, I'll consider it a feminist show. I want to see the women campaigning for equal pay laws, calling out men and other women who use sexist language, working with activists in places like India, Iran and Afghanistan and so on.


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