Still in Mexico City, Still Trying to Chase a Dream

Apologies for the radio silence; I've simply been trying to get my writing career off the ground. I've placed my novel with an agent in Toronto and am in the process of writing another. I'm also actively pitching articles to travel websites and trying to get a part-time blogging gig. 

I've realized that teaching English in Mexico City is more of a hobby than a job. I will write a full post on this eventually but the fact is that it's impossible with an English school to get enough hours at locations that don't make you want to burn every kind of public transportation in sight. 

And in teaching private classes you are constantly battling cancellations, clients that disappear into thin air, and people who don't want to pay your fee.

Luckily, I'm not really inclined to make English teaching a career, though I've thought about doing a TESL course so I can get a real teaching gig eventually. 

But mainly I want to write and I want to be able to travel. My partner in crime wants the same thing--we have dreams of maybe hopping over to Bali, or Montreal, or India. Who knows. Wherever we land, we want a life that allows us the freedom to pick up and go, to work at home, to work for ourselves, and to eventually pay others to do that work for us.

It's exhausting trying to construct our own road but we have big dreams and we're banking on them coming true. More to come.

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