On Learning Spanish

Much to my surprise, I am becoming a passable Spanish speaker. And to my surprise. After all, learning Spanish was never a goal of mine until very recently. Perhaps it was my latent racism. French was a proper language, of Sartre and Camus, but Spanish? That was wild.

Total nonsense.

Travels in Siberia is a great, rambling, uneven book but what's most stuck with me is Frazier's observation that learning Russian taught him that he used his brain largely for scheming.

The more Spanish I learn, the more French I remember. Indicative both of a new part of my brain set in motion, and of the utter connectedness of something I thought disparate.


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Wow lots of congrats to you that you learned Spanish as it is very important at times that you should be a multilingual...The most I like is that you carry both the languages with so grace..!!

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It is really an intelligent move to learn Spanish...I really praise your effort in this regard and wish you a very successful future!


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