IFOA: Intrigued by These Three Dude Authors

I had the pleasure of attending the roundtable featuring DBC Pierre, Dan Rhodes, and Wells Tower last Friday night (as part of the International Festival of Authors currently going on in Toronto). I must admit that I haven't read these authors before. But works by all three have definitely moved to the top of my reading pile.

Lights Out In Wonderland(DBC Pierre): The first thing you need to know about DBC Pierre is that "DBC" stands for "dirty but clean." The second thing you need to know about him is that he's a former conman. And the third thing, oh yeah, he won the Booker in 2003. Never mind his wild life, the man radiates "literary genius." I'm told his Booker-winning novel, Vernon God Little, is nothing short of brilliant. Lights Out in Wonderland is his latest.

Little Hands Clapping(Dan Rhodes): Douglas Coupland called it "Totally sick and brilliant..." Plus the new Tim Burton-esque cover treatments are superb. Rhodes read from Anthropology: 101 True Love Stories, which was both shocking and gut-bustingly funny. Since I seem to be unable to finish most books that I start these days, this collection of tiny stories is just what I need.

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (Wells Tower): Tower was recently named one of The New Yorker's "20 under 40." I hear raves about this short story collection where ever I go. Tower has Canadian roots but grew up in the U.S. and now currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. I told him that I'd visited Brooklyn once, but specifically to visit its resident Target department store. I suspect that this makes me deeply uncool but Tower didn't bat an eye.

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