Her Mother's Daughter: Down Home Charm Well Blended With Fantasy

You know how I said that The Millennium Trilogy had catapulted me into a reading slump?

Well, Her Mother's Daughtertaught me that I could love again. Or like. Or finish a book, any book. This book. After two failed attempts at reading other books, I finished this book.

I suppose you could call it a rebound relationship — ultimately I don't want to marry this book but it did teach me that I could feel for the printed page.

Her Mother's Daughteris the tale of estranged sisters Bay and Tansy. Bay has stayed at home in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia to raise her daughter after her husband and father drown at sea. Tansy fled as soon as she could and has pursued a series of sugar daddies in glittering NYC. Suddenly Tansy back and the skeletons they've buried for so long in the closet come out to do an extended song and dance number.

This novel is firmly situated in the women's fiction category, one I don't ordinarily dip into, but I still enjoyed reading it very much. It has a down home charm that very much appealed to my Maritime roots (I wonder whether if this had been set in Missouri would I had been so enthralled. Anyway). Everyone is family, neighbors and blood kin alike, and the sense of attachment to place is irresolute and therefore comforting. That aside, the plot is moves quickly — I was desperate by the end to know the real truth behind Tansy's departure.

Perhaps the real key to the novel's viability is that Crewe makes you care about the women in it. Their troubles may be ordinary but I still felt for the accumulation of years of loneliness, heartbreak, financial instability, and dishonesty they experienced. There are elements of pure fantasy in this book (how are all the men so good, so dependable and so good in bed?!) but this is balanced well enough by Crewe's honest portrait of the tortured nature of family ties.

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Thank you to Nimbus for the advance review copy.

Her Mother's Daughter / Lesley Crewe / Vagrant Press / PB, 2010


Rella said...

Seems compelling. But Tansy? REALLY? That name turns me off for some reason - I know, don't judge a book by its cover.....but still.

B.Kienapple said...

It is pure chick lit and plays well to my home-related nostalgia. I'm not *quite* sure this is up your alley! But I have the ARC to lend if you're compelled to read it.

Sarah said...

It's an amazing book! Full of drama and humor, like real life.

As a side note to the reviewer, the men in this book are far from perfect... I don't want to give anything away, but there were times when I went from loving them to being angry with them like every good character does... they evoke emotion.

Rella, Tansy is a popular name in the maritimes.

Definitely recommend! Curl up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy!


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