Thoughts on Eclipse and the Twilight Series (Warning: Team Jacob)

Last week I finished the Twilight quartet. I went to see Eclipse in theatres and there was no way in hell I'd go and see it before reading the book. That completed, I had to read the final book, Breaking Dawn, to know why people felt so betrayed as to the ending (I could take or leave the final book. It was a bit off the rails but I loved the chance to get inside Jake's head).

I was planning on writing a snarky post as to how Stephenie Meyer is ruining feminism, literature and my right not to read about thinly-veiled Mormon values. But, let's be honest here, there are a few things I really love about the Twilight series and I'm just going to let myself be as teenager fandom-y as I want this time around.

[Aside: the Eclipse movie was awful. Jill tempted me into watching the first two films with commentary and I recommend it. The commentary for the first film has Robert Pattinson on board and damn he is funny! He talks the whole time about how poncy the Edward character is and that his face is strangely flat and square (true that). The second commentary made me realize how much director Chris Weitz poured into the cinematography, mood, characters etc., something which the slapdash affair that is Eclipse sorely lacks. Check out Syllabus' rundown of all that is wrong with Eclipse the film.]


The best part of Eclipse is the second half, full stop. The love triangle of Jacob-Edward-Bella is full steam ahead here and boy does it pop and crackle with emotion. The book is slow to gain momentum but when it does BAM, Meyer starts giving your heartstrings the puppeteering of a lifetime.

First off, I loved the scene where Edward and Jacob discuss their mutual love for Bella while she sleeps (in the tent before the big Victoria show down). I despise Edward and his humourless, mopey, constantly agonized attitude just as much as I love Jacob's snarky, balls-out one, but the two characters reach a real understanding in this scene that levels them nicely. Their honesty in expressing their love for Bella and their pained acknowledgement that they must share her heart won me over big time. Sample quote from Jake:
But...give me a year, bl- Edward. I really think I could make her happy...You love her enough that you have to see the advantages of that plan. She thinks you're very unselfish, are youreally? Can you consider the idea that I might be better for her than you are?
My favorite scene in Eclipse, nay the entire series, is when Bella capitulates to her desire for Jake. The way Meyer put it - that Jake is meant for Bella in a world where the supernatural does not exist, that Edward's fluke presence on Earth will prevent the two from ever being happy - BROKE me, people. DESTROYED me. Whoa:
The jolt of anger unbalaned my tenuous hold on self-control; his ecstatic response overthrew it entirely. If there had been only triumph, I might have been able to resist him. But the utter defenselessness of his sudden joy cracked my determination, disabled it. My brain disconncted from my body, and I was kissing him back. Against all reason, my lips were moving with his in strange, consuming ways they'd never moved before - because I didn't have to be careful with Jacob, and he certainly wasn't being careful with me.
In this moment, the life that Bella could have with Jake (and never will) flashes before her eyes. They merge together, they share their equal pain and joy, and yet, ultimately, nothing will ever change. How's that for torment?

And finally, the END of Eclipse (which they cut out of the film to my utter horror) really wrapped the book up nicely. Jake's animal despair at losing Bella was perfect in summing up the weight of loss that fills this book.
It was almost too easy to phase. I didn't have to think. My body already knew where I was going and, before I asked it to, it gave me what I wanted...If only I could stop hearing, stop seeing what they saw. My head was so crowded, but the only way to be alone again was to be human, and I couldn't stand the pain...I pushed my legs faster, letting Jacob Black disappear behind me.
In parting, I want to drop on you some mood music to go with this angst post - Silver and Cold. I was obsessed with the band AFI in university, though I think I was mostly obsessed with Davey Havok, the lead singer. And by obsessed, I mean I still have a brain-gasm every time I watch one of AFI's videos, though Havok's tried to butch it up of late, which I am not feeling.

Sample lyrics (perfect for Eclipse!):

Your sins into me,
oh, my beautiful one.
Your sins into me.
As a rapturous voice escapes
I will tremble a prayer
and I'll beg for forgiveness.
Your sins into me,
Your sins into me
oh, my beautiful one.


Rella said...

I like where you analyze the part where Bella succumbs to Jacob, and in a world without supernatural beings they could be together - it's written in a very....scorching way. At the same time I'm all like "well, considering Edward's been a cock tease this whole time, and Jacob's there and totally letting her do all the shit she can't do with Edward....." girl's gotta be *really* horny by that point.....
yeah...that's all I've got

The Book Guru said...

Team JACOB!!!! Awesome post :) Have you read all the HP books?

B.Kienapple said...

Lindsey - haven't read ANY HP books yet! Sacrilege, I know. One day...

Barbara - scorching is right! No shit Bella gives into Jacob, especially since Edward is such a poncy pants. And also, he's freezing cold to the touch all the time. That cannot be fun.

The Book Guru said...

I have no words....except to say...what the heck! I won't even begin to explain the many reasons why I love HP because I am leaving for my cottage for a few minutes and I just don't have the time lol. I hope you read them soon. They are....magical, lyrical, suspenseful, childish (in all the very best ways), oh crap I started...stopping :)

Serena said...

good analysis...I'll have to try watching the first movies with the commentary..that sounds like fun

B.Kienapple said...

The very first film has the funniest commentary. I was dying laughing. Who knew Twilight could be...hilarious?


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