Sh*t My Dad Says: More Than Just Toilet Humour, Paternal Love Is In Full (Cranky) Force Here

On my first school dance: "Are you wearing perfume?...Son, there ain't any cologne in this house, only your mother's perfume. I know that scent, and let me tell you, it's disturbing to smell your wife on your thirteen-year-old son."

This book made me giggle like a Japanese school girl.

Yes, I too am wary of the blog-to-book. It smells of the cheap cash grab like a pile of week-old socks.

That said, I have to give it to Sh T My Dad Saysbecause it manages to be both uproariously funny and wonderfully heartfelt at the same time. Reading this book provided me a week's worth of laughter therapy and the best Saturday afternoon in recent memory.

Sam Halpern works in nuclear medicine. He and his second wife grew up working class and fought their way up and sacrificed to educate themselves and provide for their three boys. Justin Halpern, the know-it-all youngest son and wannabe screenwriter, was forced to move back home in his late 20's, and took to tweeting his grouchy, blunt and oddly wise father's sayings. His number of followers skyrocketed and the rest is history.

The book nicely balances Sam's caustic toilet humour, the sometimes grim realities of parenting and sacrificing for your family, and the pure joy of a father's love for his son. The last chapter is particularly affecting - I won't spoil it for you but suffice to say if only all fathers were so concerned with the self-esteem of their sons, the world would be such a better place.

I highly recommend this book for absolutely everyone (except for those who are offended by foul language, and those people shouldn't be reading this blog anyway).

My only complaint: it should have been longer. Let's hope for a sequel containing more stories of Sam Halpern, whom Justin describes as, "like Socrates, but angrier, and with worse hair."

Or maybe I'll just have to wait for the sitcom. Also, Gawker can eat sh*t for being so snide - professional jealousy sure is a b*tch.

Sh T My Dad Says/Justin Halpern / HarperCollins / HC, 2010


SciFiGuy said...

This sounds like a must read.

B.Kienapple said...

Doug! So glad to see you back in the blogosphere - I've been checking your blog every so often to see if you're back. Hope you're well.
(And enjoy Sh*t My Dad Says!)

Ceri said...

I follow this guy on Twitter. He only Tweets quotes from his dad. I love it. :D

B.Kienapple said...

He doesn't tweet quite as much since he got the book/TV deal, though. But since the former pays bumpkiss and the latter bazillions, who can blame him?


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