Fall 2010 Books: I'd Say That They Were Bringing the Heat If I Wasn't Sweating Already

It's July in Toronto and that means poor air quality, 100% humidity and hair that looks like a back-combed lion's mane. No fear, I'm seeing lots of fancypants fall 2010 titles on the horizon, along with accompanying cool breezes and saner temperatures.

I'll be featuring a few titles that have caught my eye this week. Many of them are likely to be from a *ahem* certain publisher but folks, I'm lazy. I am so so lazy. I'm emailing these covers 100 times a day and now they want to give back to me in content. Oh yes they do.

How To Read The Air/ Dinaw Mengestu / HC, Oct 2010

From the Publisher: One September afternoon, Yosef and Mariam, Ethiopian immigrants who have spent all but their first year of marriage apart, set off on a road trip from their home in Peoria, Illinois, to Nashville, Tennessee, in search of a new identity as an American couple. Just months later, their son, Jonas, is born in Illinois.

Thirty years later, Yosef has died, and Jonas is desperate to make sense of the volatile generational and cultural ties that have forged him. How can he envision his future without knowing what has come before? Leaving behind his marriage and his job in New York, Jonas sets out to retrace his parents’ trip and, in a stunning display of imagination, weaves together a family history that takes him from the war-torn Ethiopia of his parents’ youth to a brighter vision of his life in the America of today, a story --- real or invented --- that holds the possibility of reconciliation and redemption.

[Fun fact: Mengestu was selected as one of The New Yorker's top 20 under 40 fiction authors worth watching]

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