Shadow Tag (Louise Erdrich): And Introducing My Voice

My book club is reading Louise Erdrich's Shadow Tag this month and I decided to shoot a quick intro to the book. I'm sorry.

On the bright side, I learned how to cut out all most of my UHMs, AHHs and HMMs. On the downside, I did zero prep for this. On the otherother, farfar away bright side, the really far side with rainbows, sunshine and leprechauns, I will get better at this.

Bear with me.

Shadow Tag: A Novel/ Louise Erdrich / HarperCollins / HC, 2010


karen said...

hi, bronwyn's voice!
i enjoyed that, because i could feel like i was working *while* listening to you. instead of merely procrastinating as per the norm.

i sympathize with not knowing how names are pronounced - i'm always thrown for a loop at movies-based-on-books when it turns out i had it wrong. (hermione, anyone?)

also, more ambient light, maybe?

(my word verification is 'swaforse'. what on earth is that?

B.Kienapple said...

I cut a part where I tried to pronounce "Pulitzer."



I dunno.

Next time I will use more light, less face, more volume. It's a steep learning curve.

Thanks K! I feel a little less like a dweeb.

Anne Pilkey said...

I love the vlogs! keep them comin

Julie said...

Great job! That's my problem with video too--not knowing how to pronounce names.

I think it's Pew-litzer.

I really liked the book. Dark! I hope to post something on it soon.

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks Pilks and Julie!

I still haven't read the book b/c I'm trying to plow through the new Martin Amis. It manages to be both tedious and amusing, sort of like being tickled by a blade of grass.

Heather said...

You did a great job. I haven't even thought of doing a video. eeks. NOw I almost feel as though I know you, before you were mainly someone that I traded the occasional email with, now you are a 'real' person.

B.Kienapple said...

Ha! Yep Heather, unfortunately I'm all too real. :) It would be kind of nice if I could attach a short video to my pitch emails being all like, "hey I'm Bronwyn, totally not a spam bot!"

The vlog thing is easier on the wrists but strangely tricky in the "not seeming like a weirdo" category.


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