I Love Anne Lindsay (Day Two)

And here we continue my mini-series on Anne Lindsay's fan-tabulous New Light Cooking(view the original post here) and how it's not only taught me to cook but grown up with me, as well.

Rack of Lamb With Wine Sauce and Cucumber Mint Raita

In my early 20's I was dating a guy whose mother had the most fabulous multi-million dollar Yorkville condo I'd ever laid my eyes on. As a small town Nova Scotian who'd been raised comfortably but not extravagantly, I was full-out in lust with this condo and its ever so tasteful smell of old money. It also had a fabulous kitchen complete with marble countertops, top-of-the-line appliances and every Williams Sonoma gizmo and gadget that the heart could desire. It was a dream come true (well, my lusty kitchen dream).

The relationship, well...

We were big on kind gestures and I decided that it was time to make a meal that would bring back the spark.

The meal I chose was rack of lamb with cucumber mint raita. Seeing as my budget could handle little more than beans and veg, I hadn't yet mastered the art of cooking meat (something I still haven't gotten around to conquering). Nevertheless, I purchased an insanely expensive rack of New Zealand lamb and mixed together a simple marinade, poured it over the lamb, let it sit while idly thumbing through magazines and imagining myself the princess of this palace, then roasted the thing while whipping up a simple raita of yogurt, parsley, mint, onion, cumin and finely chopped cukes.

It was too easy. I found myself serving and eating lamb that I'd prepared, an event that was almost too weird to be gratifying.

What's the lesson here? That everything is perfect in its own way? That you try and you fail and some things don't bear repeating?

I wrote this post two days ago and I can't seem to juice it to produce a coherent conclusion.

The lamb was amazing. The circumstances sucked. And let me tell you, don't try to cook your way out of an unmitigated disaster and don't fool yourself about what you really want. That's the best I can do...sorry folks.


karen said...

might i suggest:
some things that seem like they'll be difficult and complicated are actually gloriously simple (in this case, the lamb), and some things that you wish were gloriously simple turn out to be difficult and complicated (like relationships).

reminds me of my first time making osso buco. "really? just... let it cook?" - as it turns out, sometimes you get the best results if you *stop poking at it*. there's another metaphor for you. (my mother was right, as per usual)

B.Kienapple said...

Ahhhh Karen, I heart you big time. :) This is a great conclusion.

Stop dissecting every little thing and just leave it alone - this would have to be one of my top hard won lessons of late. But...so...hard...not...to over analyze!!

karen said...

i heart you too :-)

i find both cooking and knitting have the best life lesson metaphors. a watched pot never boils, one stitch at a time.


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