Booklicious Blogs Plus Utter Computer FAIL

Experiencing a little problem over here at command central called "HARD DRIVE FAILURE." Yo, this is my second Mac to die. Well, the second one is not technically mine. But now I have to be the loser who hauls over two dead Macs to the repair store so they can give me a funky look like, what do you spit in it or something? No but seriously, is Mac the new Dell? Why do mine keep crashing?? Is it because I talk serious smack to my laptops (work you stupid piece of %$&*!) and their little fragile spirits wither and die?! AGH!

So since my computer time is limited this week, I'd like to share a few of my new favorite blogs to visit:
  • Women Running From Houses: Showcases covers of 60's and 70's gothic romance novels, most of which display *duh* women running from houses. The jacket copy for Carol, the Pursued (1979) reads, "A captive of a nightmare religious cult - that was the fate that beautiful young Carol Ingraham fled." Yeah! So these books might have set the feminist movement back decades but hey, this kind of campy, pulpy vapid entertainment couldn't come without a price. Required reading.
  • Maybe Tomorrow?: Beth is Welsh (like my name!) and also a fellow Canadian. Not only does she have a great site layout, but her book blog is always chock full of the latest vamp, paranormal romance and urban fantasy news and reviews. If this sounds like your thing, you'll want to subscribe.
  • The Book Lady's Blog: Rebecca was one of the organizers of the BEA Blogger Convention and it was through the surrounding press that I heard about her blog. She writes real, in-depth reviews, has sass to spare, identifies as a feminist and knows all the cool people. This is a great find for me.
  • Hot Guys Reading Books: Yeah, I'm going there. It's a Tumblr with hot guys. Reading books. I wouldn't qualify many of these men as being strictly hot hot - like *phew* is it warm in here or is it just me hot? - but there's the odd gem. And since I wrote a series on what/how men read, I'm practically obliged to give this blog props.


Heather said...

Thanks for the suggested sites. I enjoyed visiting them all.

Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! said...

Awww, computers are here to be the bain of our existence. I'm saving up to get a laptop to replace my PC - it's really old and decrepit, *plus* the monitor's snapped in half! Joy(!)



Leslie Shimotakahara said...

I'll be sure to turn to these sites whenever I need my lit pill (which is often)!

Beth ( said...

Oh no, hope they get fixed soon! I love my Mac, I don't know what I'd do if it broke down on me!

Thanks for the shout out! That's really awesome, thanks Bronwyn ;)

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks Heather, Ceri and Leslie! Glad you enjoyed my reading list - your blogs are all very worthy reading material as well so people, click through! Ceri, my old laptop had a huge black crack on the screen so it really is time to replace it.

Rebecca and Beth, thanks for all the hard work you do! Keep at 'er!


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