Hylozoic: Unfinished But Too Weirdly Awesome To Be Dismissed

From the Publisher: In Rucker's last novel, Postsingular, the Singularity happened. Life on Earth has been transformed by the awakening of all matter into consciousness and telepathic communication. The small bunch of Founders, including young newlyweds Thuy, a hypertext novelist, and Jayjay, a gamer and brain-enhancement addict, are living a popular live-action media life. But now alien races that have already gone through this transformation notice Earth for the first time, and begin to arrive to exploit both the new environment and any available humans. Some of them are real estate developers, some are slavers, and some just want to help. But who is to tell the difference? Someone has to save humanity from the alien invasions, and it might as well be reality media stars Thuy and Jayjay.

My Take: Rad idea, right? Imagine if a particular eddy in a stream had a consciousness and you could "teek" into (connect telepathically) that consciousness? What if each stone, leaf and air current had its own personality that you could tap into? And what if you could use that telepathic connection to move objects across space (like from LA to NYC!). Aaand, even better, what if you could tap into the whole Earth's consciousness and use it to go on crazy highs to cross the boundaries between worlds?? Hells yes!

Hylozoic is weird, sure, but Rucker's commitment to wackness pays off. Reading it is like tapping into an orgy of imagination. I'm not exactly sure why I couldn't finish this. I think it's the dialogue. There is a lot of it, not to mention a whole slew of rather undeveloped characters, and I tired of trying to keep up. I really just wanted to ride the wave of weirdness and the incessant natter really harshed my mellow. However, I urge you to give this one a try if you're a SFF fan. It's quite the trip.

Hylozoic/ Rudy Rucker / Tor Books / PB, 2010

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