Enough About BookCamp! Let's Talk About My Week In Book Parties

I had the good fortune to attend two fantastic book parties this week (and missed an even more fabulous one - the Type launch for their new location!) and I decided that if Shinan Govani can make a career out of boldfacing names, I might as well do it for free. Does that make sense? Not really. Onwards:

Tuesday, May 18 - Celebration for Howard Engel
Location: Beverly Slopen's apartment
Credit: Photos by Peter Rehak (album here)
Next week, Howard Engel will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Canadian Jewish Book Awards. His agent, Bev Slopen, hosted an intimate party at her apartment to celebrate his win and his many Benny Cooperman novels. Cynthia Good, former head of Penguin and director of Humber's Publishing Program, was in attendance as was Michael Enright and his soothing radio voice. I was most excited to talk to the iconic literary critic Philip Marchand, who I instructed on the merits and uses of Twitter. He gamely went along with it although he may have been unsure as to why I insisted on blocking his exit.

Wednesday, May 19 - Canadian Launch of Derek Blasberg's Classy
Location: The Room at The Bay's Queen Street location
Photos: I'm trying!

Have you ever walked into a room of perfect 10's and realized exactly what number you are? I'm a seven. Maybe an eight with nice clothes, heels and a blowout. You know what cures that sinking feeling? A margarita. Two of them actually, spaced 10 minutes apart. Suddenly, you're just another girl, eating bite-sized figs with honey and somewhat less awkwardly adjusting your winter-weight blazer that your mom bought from Holt's at least six season's ago and then passed along to you. Then you get New York man-about-town and stylista Derek Blasberg (his coverage here) to sign your book and he draws a big heart around your name and you think, fleetingly, maybe I belong here?

Then you see Suzanne Rogers sail by in her couture and you think, well, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?


John Mutford said...

I have nothing to clever to say.

Michael Enright looks like John Cleese in that photo.

B.Kienapple said...

That's not Michael Enright! He's in another of the photos that I didn't post. I specifically remember his round glasses. And his voice, that lovely voice.
But yes to the John Cleese comparison.


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