Dan Clowes Event (c/o TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival)

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival was on last weekend. I missed the exhibitors as I wasn't feeling so hot but I did make it to the Dan Clowes event on Friday night (check out this interview he did recently with Eye Weekly).

Dan Clowes is an American author and cartoonist. Most people (myself included) know him as the author of Ghost World, that deliciously snarky graphic novel about high school outcasts Enid and Rebecca (it was made into the film that gave Scarlett Johnansson her big breakthrough). Many chicks who possess my level of attitude say the book got them through high school. Unfortunately, I was too painfully uncool to know anything about popular fiction. However, since Dan Clowes tours NEVER and my resourceful partner in crime was successful in scoring us (free! thank you TCAF!) tickets, I wanted to be there. Please excuse my crappy iPhone photos:
This was the crowd at the new Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library. Nice, eh? It's a huge events space, a little warehouse-like but modern and it gets lots of light. Lots of people packed in to see Dan. The nerd quotient was extreme. I sat with the National Post's enterprising reporter, Ron, who tweeted his way through the session while his cohort, Mark Medley, interviewed Dan onstage.
Dan is on the right here and Mark Medley, the interviewer, is on the left. Dan, like many personalities who got really successful doing something that doesn't require social skills, apparently doesn't give two fiddlesticks about his public persona or being interviewed. However, the slideshow he brought (a retrospective of his work) was illuminating and he gamely recounted tidbits about illustrating a music video for the Ramones and choosing Scarlett Johansson to be cast as Rebecca.

More interesting: the chick on the far right doing the sign language translation (the facial expressions they use weird me out but also really fascinate me) and the chick in front of me with this incredible rats nest of fire engine hair. I couldn't tell whether it was in a bun or dreading. It was actually fairly awesome.
This is me (looking a bit sickly already) and G (nice glasses!). We ducked out before the signing because we're lame like that.

Can't wait to read and review Wilson, his latest! Apparently it's about a creepy sociopath. Right up my ally.


Brian said...

B- That chick doing sign language works at the Beguiling and is awesome! I missed the Dan Clowes evening b/c I don't love his work and it was a nerd factory but I went to the rest of TCAF (which was amazing and scored sweet, sweet books. You should totes go next year if you aren't sick.

Gillian said...

My first appearance on your blog! Greetings ACBA fans!

B.Kienapple said...

Lanyon-keep it in your pants.

Brian-I love tidbits like this, that the sign language chick works at the Beguiling. Now I can go in there and be like hey, I don't know you but nice skills! Anyway, it is too bad that I missed TCAF (again) but next year I will even if I have to spread the Black Plague to my fellow nerds. Cheers.

Brian said...

In that "post-con plague" is, you know, a thing you can catch, I think you'd be okay. The Ref is a petri dish of horrors.

Heather said...

Daughter and I are so excited. We are going to our first author event this saturday at The Museum in Kitchener. Hope we get to meet Kelley Armstrong and Lesley Livingston.
I need to remember to take my camera and then blog about the outing.


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