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In honour of Jesus' resurrection I'd like to shake things up at this old popsicle stand and mention a few blogs that I really love.

A couple of weeks ago I really trimmed the fat and deleted anything on my Google Reader list that I wasn't actually reading. You know those blogs, the ones you think you should be reading because they balance out the frippery of the 10 blogs you subscribe to about flower arranging or monogrammed towels. In my mind I wasn't a philistine by virtue of my really weighty reading list. I think I've now mucked out my little hovel of ego sufficiently and from now on I'm going to pass along recs for blogs that I actually read:
  • The Awl: Maud Newton writes for The Awl so seriously, what are you doing reading this pile of crapola? Run by a couple of PO'd former Gawker editors, The Awl is an amazing compedium of political and pop culture commentary with some plain old wackiness thrown in, like a guide to cooking brisket like a proper self-loathing Jew.

  • The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: Yeah, you read that right. This is cat porn for the uber cat lover (or lover of all things fuzzy and wuzzy). These cats are so frickin' awesome! I want to tickle their little toes until...oh wait, that's my inside voice getting out. Yeah. Sweet cat photos. Whateves.

  • The Book Guru: Lindsey's taste tends more towards YA and vampire-lit than mine but I look forward to reading her thoughtful commentary nonetheless. She just wrapped up a great series called Books With Impact that highlights issue-based YA titles that really resonated with her. She also features Canadian genre authors like Rob Sawyer and since genre writing doesn't get a lot of traditional press, good on her!

  • Sally Jane Vintage: Sally Jane (possibly her real name) runs an Etsy store that sells vintage clothes. She also runs a blog profiling her latest outfits and it's not hopelessly grabby and tacky like some home grown fashion bloggers. These lady-like outfits are timeless, muted and refreshingly laid back.

  • I Heart Monster: Focuses on big budget YA titles. I don't really read YA but I am secretly in love with their splashy cover art and outsized concepts. I Heart Monster profiles everything that's new and upcoming in a brilliant bite-size format. Reading this blog is my guilty pleasure. Sweet, sweet candy.

Do you have a blog recommendation for me? Comment below!


I Heart Monster said...

Oooh. My. Gosh. Thanks for pointing out my blog! I'm sooooo glad you love it :o) xoxo

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks for all your hard work! It must be no small feat to do what you do. Cheers!

Lindsey said...

Well that just made my day! Thanks B for the shout out!


Luanne said...

No recommendations but this is something I need to do. Clean it up instead of of clicking 'mark all as read' when I get overwehelmed....

B.Kienapple said...

Thank YOU Lindsey! Love your blog.
And Luanne, seriously, do it. I'd had enough of the guilt and I don't miss at all anything that I removed!

Evangeline said...

How funny! I actually run a blog called Booklicious. What a deliciously coincidental post to stumble upon - thanks, Google!

I love your blog, by the way. Where did you manage to find that fantastic header image?

B.Kienapple said...

Hi Evangeline! I LOVE your site design. Great fonts. I'm always glad to find fellow book bloggers and I've added you to my Reader!
The header image is a find from Deviant Art.
Thanks for stopping by!


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