I Am Not a Target Market: Questions for Nick, Age Almost-12

Not only are there few men in my life but I don't know any children either. I live a fairly childless existence (my cat is all I can handle, probably ever) but the truth is, I love kids because their attitude towards life is largely BS-free. You ask a child a question and he or she gives you a straight answer. Try to find an adult who'll do that. So I thought, in our last week of the series exploring the habits of the modern male reader, that we should see how and what young men are reading.

Marci (of Serendipitous Readings) to the rescue! Her son Nick is more of a young adult than a kid and he's a voracious reader, just like his mom. Nick kindly sat down last week to answer a few of my questions and here's what he had to say:

B: Tell us about yourself!

I am 11 (almost 12) years old, I live in the Niagara Region (Ontario) with my mom who rocks. I enjoy playing my Xbox, playing soccer, road hockey, playing with my friends, and; learning about Russia (my latest obsession).

B: Are you a big reader?

Whenever I get the chance I love to read. I have my own bookshelf which is becoming filled with the books I love.

B: When do you get time to read?

I read at school, at home, traveling. I like going to bookstores looking for other books I could be interested in and wanting my mom to buy for me.

B: What types of books do you like?

I like History books, mostly nonfiction books, they talk about facts about what I am reading, and if I am passionate about (like Russia) I can talk about them to people I come into contact with. I also occasionally read fiction. Non fiction appeals more to me.

B: What's your favorite book/author and why?

Tom Clancy's End War - kind of a futuristic book, with the world collapsing between three different areas of the world, going back in time, the wording that the author uses as well as the detailing. Marci adds: War is another obsession, he wants to join the military when he is old enough and after that become a police officer, he other obsession is guns, if he watches a show on TV, a gun is shown he has this uncanny ability to know what the gun is exactly.

B: Do you go to the library to get your books, do you get them from school or do you get your mom to buy them?

I occasionally go to the library to get books, I have gotten most of them through my schools library, and also my mom buys them for me, or I receive review copies to look at, which I review on my mom’s book blog.

B: What kind of books do you not like to read at all?

That is kind of hard to say right now, I am still searching for new books all of the time that I would like or would appeal to me.

B: Why do you like reading?

I like reading because it helps me with what I need to know in class or in the future, to go to different places around the world and learn about. It makes me think, getting into what I am reading, going beyond the book, thinking about things I never thought of before.

Thanks Nick! Aaaand that's a wrap, folks. A final post will be up later this week that takes a look at I've learned from the men who've appeared here over the past month. Until then...!


Rhianna said...

This has been a really interesting "mini series" B!

I think my son and husband would kill me if they were read any of my reviews/posts where I mentioned their reading likes and dislikes. lol

Thanks for finding guys who were interested in sharing their reading interests and thanks to the guys for taking the time to do so. It has really put some perspective on why the men in my life read what they do and won't read what I try to get them to. ;)

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks for the comment Rhianna! I wish I could interview a guy a week for the rest of the year just to fully mine this topic but I've pretty much exhausted my network as of now. :) I'm a bit terrified to write the wrap up post because we got such a diverse range of opinions and experiences here.

In the end, you can't just throw down "guys are guys", they're not some strange sub-sect of human, their experiences are completely subjective, as is their taste in reading. I think what I enjoyed the most about this series was hearing men talk about books that really mattered to them. That always gets me, no matter who you are.

Luanne said...

Thanks Nick for sharing your thoughts - I enjpoyed your interview!


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