B In Torontoist and I've Really F*cked up Canada Reads

In good news, I did a Q&A with Torontoist yesterday where I revealed that the previous incarnation of this blog was my 90's-style Angelfire website called Bronwyn's Brilliant Books. And boy, was it brilliant. Unfortunately, Angelfire websites were dismantled a year or so ago so I didn't think to go back and get a screen grab but funnily enough the guestbook for the site is still floating out there somewhere next to the announcement of my attendance at the science fair regionals in 1998. The ashes of my youth.

Hey and did you know that Torontoist has an excellent Books micro site?

Let's get to the bad news - I really f*cked this Canada Reads business up big time. I was poised to finish Good to a Fault last weekend (and then read Nikolski this week thus just squeezing in all five under the wire) when I had this hot-cold moment of panic. Oh yes, March brings a new EYE Pop Fiction book and as Brian kindly reminded me, this Friday is filing day for The Waterproof Bible.

Thus, I am now attempting to stuff this wacky little caper about giant frogs and a mouthy she-God down my gullet at a rate undeserving of the text. HOWEVER, lemons out of goddamn lemonade, right? I'll be a bit behind schedule but I'm still going to finish Good To a Fault and Nikolski even if it kills me (and it will kill me, because Good to a Fault was giving me dour, awful thoughts about female middle age).

I'm glad that we did this. You just read this post and we both pretended like it held actual content. Please bear with me this week while I lose my mind and I'll be back full steam the next.

Oh and did I mention I'm taking a week OFF from reading when Canada Reads is done? Drastic but needed. My reading process is feeling functional, at best, and I think I need to derail this grimly productive track. I've got some scheduled items coming up, like The Carnivore, but I'd like to approach them with shiny new eyes. Until then!


mynovelreviews said...

Ha Ha!...great post. I really enjoyed your Q&A. Good luck with finishing your reads - I still want to read Nikolski and Gen X but I'm on the wait list and the library.

That's all okay though because I am reading Even the Dogs right now and I am stunned by it's amazingness (is that a word)?

B.Kienapple said...

Thanks! I've heard good things about Even the Dogs. I was just going to mention that he's in Toronto March 19 at Ben McNally's but you're in Ottawa... Good luck with finishing Canada Reads! I've heard Nikolski is the best of the bunch.

mynovelreviews said...

I regret that I can't go and see Jon McGregor in Toronto. If you end up going, please let us know how it went!

SciFiGuy said...

If you remember the web address you might be able to find an archived copy of your Bronwyn's Brilliant Books on archive.org's Wayback Machine. They've saved copuies of weebsites almost since the beginning (Yes someone HAS downloaded the Internet LOL).

B.Kienapple said...

Doug, that's an idea almost too terrifying to contemplate however I'll give it a whirl. I know it's odd but I sort of miss the Internet circa 1998. Things were so simple and wonderfully ugly. Guess it's just part of my 90's nostalgia package that includes fervent love of Jagged Little Pill, platform sneakers, Skip-Its, SpiceMania and pixelated PC games.


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