Spring 2010 Preview: Oddball Choices for Your Inner Nerd (or Freak) Part Le Deux

Sub Rosa(April): What is it with Arsenal Pulp Press and their bizarre roster of author names? Last season it was Rhonda Waterfall and now Amber Dawn? Is it part of the contract that every author take a stripper pen name? In any case, Little is a teen runaway in a post-feminist world, encountering the likes of ghosts and magical prostitutes (for reals). The copy says it's a dark re-imagining of the hero's quest. Cool.
Wilson (May): This is David Clowes' (author of indie cult favorite Ghost Town) latest graphic novel. Not too many details available on this one yet except that it'll be four colour and in a single page gag format. Drawn and Quarterly won the rights to publish it in Canada so we know it'll have a top-notch package.
Isobele and Emile (April): I don't know about you but Coach House's simple description of this upcoming novel is really affecting (it's about two lovers separated by ambition and struggling with the loss of each other). I'm really looking forward to this title. I'm hoping it will have a sort of Wendy and Lucy-esque plainness that manages to be deeply poignant.
Annabel (June): Author Kathleen Winter garnered much praise for her collection of short stories, boYs. Now she's back with my #1 must-read of the spring season - Annabel. A hermaphrodite is born into a small Labrador community in 1968 and raised as a boy. As 'Wayne' grows up he struggles with his identity and the expectations of his conservative community. Look for the Eye Weekly book club's discussion of this title in June!


Ceri said...

Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourites. <3 I'm loving the choices for your inner nerd. These are exactly the kind of books I'd pick up. :D

B.Kienapple said...

Thank you Ceri! That's so kind. I'm a huge fan of your blog as well - I hope to get caught up on it this weekend as this week so far has been nuts. Hope to see your thoughts on some of these books on your blog as well.

I Heart Monster said...

Fun post :o) And I agree about the stripper names! WTF?

Julie said...

They sound good and we definitely all have an inner nerd! Thanks for the suggestions.

B.Kienapple said...

I think I'm going to have to write Arsenal Pulp Press and ask. It's too weird.

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