E-Reader/Tech Update

This week has been a bit crazy, mostly because of all the time I've spent stressing over my first post for the Eye Book Club. This was not time spent writing, mind you, but doing things like watching the Tim and Eric Awesome Show or making useless notes about what I might write about. I do have a couple of tech-related updates for you, though. A more regular posting schedule should resume next week.
  • Gizmodo is creaming themselves over the new Skiff e-reader. It's designed specifically to read newspapers and to a lesser extent, magazines. Apparently this huge beast is light as a feather and maintains traditional layouts (as no one has really figured out how to adapt newspapers to digital yet, this is probably a good thing).
  • The Sony Reader Daily Edition is also available for your e-newspaper fix (content is delivered to your reader wirelessly on a daily basis) though it appears to be only available in the US right now.
  • As we all know, the Kindle DX, the mother of all Kindles, is available in Canada, as well as 99 other countries. I think it'd be really hilarious if they made it a phone, as well. Why not? You'd have to use a brace to hold it up but then again, you'd look pretty cool doing it.
  • Jacket Copy is calling the Local Books iPhone app (developed by Library Thing) the new Urban Spoon. It lists bookstores, libraries and book-related events near you. It's still in development.
  • Apple has booked space at a venue on January 26/27 in San Francisco and rumors are flying that Jobbs plans to announce the tablet's existence/release date/full details then.


karen said...

i should get on reading that, then, shouldn't i? i did buy it the other day! (eye weekly bookclub book)

B.Kienapple said...

YES!! First posts go up on Monday. But we're posting again the week after so lots of time to get caught up.

karen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karen said...

let's see if i can read it over the weekend. and i do have monday off...

(argh, spelling! i swear i know how to do it!)

jerry said...

326,315 reasons to embrace ereading !!!

B.Kienapple said...

It's true - we spend so much time debating whether e-readers are functional enough and forget cutting down on virgin paper use should be the top reason to go digital.


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