What To Get: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, as so accurately profiled by the Onion A.V. Club, is the product of the idealistic brains of male film directors. These females embody the qualities of a heavenly ray of sunshine. With their flightiness, naiveté and disarming sweetness, they are able to melt the heart of many an introspective man child.

The A.V. Club cites Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown and Natalie Portman in Garden State as two such Dream Girls.

Such a female is fictional but I'm sure you can think of a few too-precious pixies in your life who will be needing gifts this holiday season. Here are some bookish ideas:

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is supposed to be soulful (looking). She probably comes off as charmingly but childishly informed what with her vaguely leftish leanings and slight penchant for (reading about) political activism. I'd say she'd be a good candidate for an emotional life affirmer about oppressed peoples like The Kite Runneror Book Of Negroes.
In fact, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl probably has her nose in any bestselling title that is a blend of quirkiness and life lessons with a heavy pinch of mass appeal thrown in. Life of Pi or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time are good choices. Your Pixie Girl may have started them but likely she read a quarter whilst turning down every second corner, forgot it for a couple months when she took up with a knitting circle, read another chapter while going through a break-up and then lost it on the subway.

More recent choices would be The Flying Troutmans, The Hour I First Believed, Little Bee or The White Tiger.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl probably also has a thing for cute novels with damaged child-women. The MPDG won't admit being damaged, she's too busy sparkling and shining, but she secretly nurses her wounds, cherishes them even, calls them her own. Lullabies For Little Criminals, Stunt, Paint It Black, or This One's Going to Last Forever are all perfect choices for this hidden aspect of her persona.
Spirituality-lite is also always an option. The Pixie Girl might wear hers - a vaguely religious tattoo, rosary beads - or carry it about as an airy notion of happiness. Tread lightly - you don't want to go all mom and get The Power of Now for her or anything. Any of Paulo Coelho's books, such as The Alchemist, are a good bet, as is Ishmaeland The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Back up present: the gift of yourself for one month of intense happiness followed by her dumping your ass and a subsequent lifetime of misery.

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