Stylish Gifts For Book Lovers

Halsea Kindle covers (via Elements of Style). Wonderfully preppy.

Bookmarks make great stocking stuffers. Especially for your buddy who LOATHES the term 'unputdownable'. Heh heh heh. (Via Fred Flare)

For your buddy who is inclined to be creative but is in the hell known as writers block (or who is just really angry). This book encourages its reader to deface it. Not for those who prefer plastic sleeves and white gloves.

I'm fairly certain you have at least one nerd in your life who would LOVE this. Just go ahead and fulfill their wildest rubber stamping dreams. (Via Fred Flare)

Yes, really. Wasn't colouring fun? Now you can be kinda cool and still colour. I dunno, it could be a good warm up for other creative pursuits. And, all royalties go to charity. (Via Urban Outfitters)

1 comment:

Gillian said...

I want any and all of these!


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