Stylish Gifts For Book Lovers: Round Le Deux

Quote/unquote bookends are very industrial sexy. They could also be a funny gift for your loser friend who insists on using airquotes. Still. I admit, I do it. But I know it's really lame.

High five bookends! I found this photo from an online retailer but I hear tell that they're available at Indigo in Canada.

Penguin US has made posters available for sale of a couple of covers in their Graphic Classics series. Art by Don DeLillo and Michael Cho (a Toronto resident). Via The Casual Optimist.

For those of you with a Sony E-reader, these GO! Jackets from M-Edge are pretty hot. Available for both the touch and pocket editions.

Adorable mini book earrings that come in a variety of covers! There's even type inside.


Gillian said...


Heather said...

Those are terrifc gifts. I settled for buying actual books for my family, except for the dog who thinks paper is best shredded.

B.Kienapple said...

Ah, actual books are even better. But for real, I want one of the Sony covers!!


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