Sharing My Frothy Reading Choices With You

Reading is a funny, tricky hobby (obsession?). Sometimes I feel like I am totally on track, totally on, that everything I'm reading is bold and wonderful and that when I review them I'm sharing something I believe to be wholly worthy.

Other times I say I'm reading simply for pleasure and I meander through titles. My reading is unfocused and scattered. I read, hungering after something nameless, trying this and that genre or author. I'm kind of in that phase right now.

In the interest of wrapping up my 2009 blogging, I'm going to just say a few words about three books I've read lately. Further info to come tomorrow regarding my posting schedule for the rest of December.

If The Opposite of Love is chick lit, it doesn't get any better than this. I am totally behind the whole lawyers-becoming-authors trend (see: Emily Giffin) as they seem to write smart, funny and whole-hearted fiction. Emily Haxby is a likeable, plucky heroine and the theme of learning to open yourself to love - in all its forms, whether to a parent or a lover - is mature. Bumbaum's wry, wise voice is addictive.

Oh B, you're saying. Norse myth, love eternal, gods and goddesses?? It makes sense when you think about it though: A cold, hostile climate? Check. A pretty, airy blue cover with gold swirly stuff? Check. An endorsement from Diana Gabaldon? Checkeroo. This is fairly light reading but it nicely weaves together three main stories of a half man/dwarf in charge of a mystical necklace, the goddess Freya and a lovelorn couple divided by warring families. Comfortable and magical, just like sliding into hot springs with the snow falling on your face, in the shadow of an ancient mountain range.

OK straight up, Empress of the World is lesbian YA romance. I didn't know such a thing existed. This novel was originally published in 2001 by the Speak imprint at Penguin US. I'm not a fan of YA in general. I love language, allusion, etc. and I find YA too straightforward for my liking. But as an entertaining, informative and not dumbed down read for a young woman, this book is tops. Nicola is at a summer program for gifted youth when she meets the difficult, beautiful and fiercely intelligent Battle. Also, the cover is darling.


Heather said...

cool reviews. 'Ice Land' sounds most up my line. Thanks.

avisannschild said...

I'm going to try to find Empress of the World at my library tonight!


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