Posting Schedule Over the Holidays

First thing, wahoo! I am finally tinkering with ACBA's layout. Improvements should continue over the next two weeks while you are a-sipping of your eggnog and stuffing yourself with sweets and meats.

What I mean to say is that I am going to take a vacation from posting over the next two weeks. I'm heading out to Thunder Bay shortly to rendez-vous with my family and then I'll be back but doing fabulous things like brunching on a Tuesday, taking a 'road trip' up to McNally Robinson in the Don Mills shopping centre, and prepping for the new year.

2010 looks like it's going to be an exciting new chapter. I'll be participating in the Eye online book club (soon to be announced and named) and other projects seem to be similarily manifesting on the horizon - I'll keep you posted.

Until we meet again (and likely that'll be when I do a 2009 round-up before the year is out), have a very lovely holiday. I hope the weather behaves, where ever you are, and that you get your fair share of joy and merry-making.



Diane said...

This photo is too cute. Have a wonderful holiday.

Luanne said...

Have a great holiday season B!

saleema said...

Did you make it to McNally before it closed? :\

Hope you're having a great holiday!

B.Kienapple said...

No Saleema, I got back to TO and it had vanished, poof!. I'm so sad that it's gone, it was such a great space.


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