Booklicious Link Round-Up for Monday

  • The above video demonstrates how Conde Nast digital magazines would work on the forthcoming Apple tablet. Love it. More information at Apple Insider.
  • I have mixed feelings about year end round-ups. On the one hand, I love recommendations of what to read. On the other, 2010 is going to bring a whole new boatload of books! I don't got no time to read 2009 books! If your to-be-read pile is looking suspiciously thin, then check out Jacket Copy's suggestions. The Maile Meloy is what I'd read.
  • Anthropologie is my new obsession (I want this sweater!). Now they've come out with a line of perfumes designed to look like book jackets when stacked together. "Scent library", anyone?
  • Who knew that there's a subculture of dandies in the Congo slums? A new book called Gentlemen of Bacongo provides interviews and photos. With a forward by Paul Smith.
  • Graphjam confirms my worst fears about popular fiction.
  • A blog meme for straight women reading male-on-male romance? Innneresting.
  • Elsewhere in the blogosphere, check out this GBLT 2010 reading challenge. Read about it at UK book blog Not in the Pink.
  • Not really book-related but...Twitter's new headquarters is ten times more awesome than your office could ever be.
  • For you easily distracted writers out there, Ommwriter is a free downloadable program that makes Twitter, Facebook, porno, whatever, fade away in a sea of calm. Or so I'd hope. Demo below.

Ommwriter from Herraiz Soto on Vimeo.

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