In Celebration of Last Night's Giller Choice...Black Plants

Yes, congratulations Linden MacIntyre for winning the 2009 Giller Prize. I have not read your oeuvre, The Bishop's Man, but I am able to tell you that you can now expect unprecedented publicity, sales and happiness. Bliss even. How sweet it will be! Enjoy!

It all reminds me of a book that caught my eye a few days ago: Black Plantsby Paul Bonine. It comes complete with my favorite subtitle of the year (so far) - 75 Striking Choices for the Garden. I don't know why this is so funny to me. It makes me think of a suburban housewife trying to liven up her garden of petunias and pansies. She stumbles across this book and thinks, yes, I really do need a row of Black Scallop buglewood to liven things up! Meanwhile, all the neighborhood kids are talking about how she bakes babies for breakfast in her secret basement kitchen and flies around on a motorized broomstick.

No matter.

This book epitomizes to me everything that the Twilight craze candy-flossed-up - a twisted love of the macabre made alluringly beautiful, in form and in language. This collection of 75 black (or nearly black) plants has wonderful names like Devil's Tongue, Voodoo Lily, Bat Flower, Mourning Widow and Chocolate Cosmos. With names like these I feel like I don't even need to show you photos..okay okay! we go:

The CoverDracula Orchid
Iresine Plant
Details for the above here

Paul, you are seriously stingy with your promo photos. The above is all I could find. That is, until I get my own copy. Stay tuned.

Greedy Guts:
Publisher's page
An excerpt from The Mercury News
Christian Science Monitor feature


Heather said...

What tantalizing photos.

B.Kienapple said...

They almost look fake, don't you think? Black tulips are actually one of my favorite flowers.


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