B's Bounty of Holiday Joy: Get Ready for a Christmas-copia of Gift Ideas!

The theme for November was home. Now that that's over, and my soul devoid of feeling, (knock knock, yep totally hollow), and you're probably all sick of hearing about how messed up I am about my childhood home being sold, I'm moving on. Not in real life. Oh no! But in this blog, for sure.

So the theme for December will be...(drumroll)...Christmas!

Totally inspired! I know!

How I want to handle this is to profile someone who might be in your life (i.e. the best friend that you secretly despise, your mother who wants you to move home, your boyfriend who you'd like to put on notice) and suggest books that would work well as gifts for these lucky fellows!

The fun, general hilarity and snark factor is going to be epic to the power of eleven.

A month full of holiday joy, B-style, coming your way as of tomorrow!


Lindsey said...

I really need to read your posts from before I became a follower. your kinda funny :)

B.Kienapple said...

Ha! Thanks, I try Lindsey (sometimes a little too hard).


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