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  • Only loosely book-related but what the hell: awesome possum Vogue spread recreating Hansel & Gretel! Now we all know Vogue editor Grace Coddington has a hard on for soft-focus photos of fairy tale characters in $10,000 gowns but this one has Lady Gaga! And crazy tree props from the Met Opera! Click through to Jezebel for sample photos.
  • Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs, recommends a feminist reading list for those who need a primer or just to brush up. Sadly, yours truly has never read, even heard of any of these books. Clearly it is I who needs the primer.
  • Another treatise on why Edward Cullen (of Twilight - did I even need to explain that?) is the cause of so many weak knees. The article argues that though 13-years-olds love Edward (and this is creepy..he is creepy) what we expect out of a mate as we age will surely evolve/mature. Except please explain why there are legions of grown women ready to sell their souls for a crack at the famous sparkly vamp? That's what really gets me.
  • What I've been waiting for: indie-rock YA! Yes, YA not about interspecial love between mermaids/vampires/werewolves and humans! Stuts and Frets still seems uber packaged but BoingBoing seems extremely excited about this mash-up between music and young love so decide for yourself.
  • The new compendium of portraits of early-20th century muse and celebrity Marchesa Luisa Casati, The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a Muse, is going to make a great addition to my coffee table. That day might come sooner as one of my fave fashion bloggers, The Clothes Horse, is hosting a giveaway! Also, now I know who's on the cover of Canadian Russell Smith's novel Muriella Pent. [ed: I had Russell Brand originally. HA.]
  • Canadian blogger Bambi of Bambi Reads attended a reading of Cormorant and Giller longlisted author Claire Holden Rothman, author of The Heart Specialist, and wrote a great review of the book and the event.

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