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So much has been going on this week but all good things, sirs! Traffic is up at ol' ACBA and I'm pleased as punch. I've also been scouting out some good stuff on the Interwebs:
  • Kimberley is sort of a reverse me - from Toronto and now living in Halifax, though her blog is called 'East Coast By Choice' and I'm more 'Toronto By Default'. She's also posting on (Un) Death Match, on the side of werewolves (vs. vampires). Leave a comment or tweet them and you could win a copy of Kelley Armstrong's Bitten!
  • Now for sensory overload - 20 of the world's most beautiful libraries! We're talking gilt everything, ladders galore and enough ceiling murals to give 20 artists a really bad crick in the neck.
  • The Book Mine Set's Canadian Book Challenge is still running and on its fourth month. I'm only on my seventh reviewed Canadian book! I've got The Year of the Flood and Under This Unbroken Sky under my belt, though, so look for reviews on those two appearing soon.
  • I have a soft spot for the New Canadian Library series, despite its dreary cover art and slightly musty concept of the CanLit canon. The reason I love it is that there are so many gems to be had, whether it be The Nymph and the Lamp that I reviewed on Monday or As For Me And My House or Wild Geese (I personal fave that I will review soon). So you can guess why I am so enthused about Roughing It In the Books, a blog that's run by two Canadians, Melanie and Alexis, who are reading and reviewing the entirety of the NCL. They just reviewed another of Raddall's works, At the Tide's Turn (a collection of stories I myself have not yet read), with mixed results.
  • Sorry for the short post. I'm a little fried today but will be cooking up goodies galore this weekend!

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