At the Intersection of Fashion and Literature

I love to read. I live it. But if there was anything else that could be called my second love it would be fashion.

When I was fourteen I drew and cut out all of my clothes/accessories and pasted them on the inside of my wardrobe. That way I could easily decide how to put together an outfit before getting dressed every day. I lived to go into the city to see the latest at Le Chateau (yep, Halifax was a big fashion capital) and for my issue of Seventeen that landed in our mailbox every month.

I'm still obsessed with fashion blogs, magazines and, of course, the real thing (though my budget forces to me to be more of an admirer than a partaker. Still good style cannot be bought!). That's why when Lucky featured books in one of its spreads this month I was both fantastically happy and incensed - books and fashion should not be seen as such an unlikely pairing! A good fashion spread tells a story and a good book is beautiful just like clothes and accessories are beautiful objects. High fashion knows that pretty is not the same as interesting or worthy and I think a well-crafted book embodies the same concept.

Just a note, I'm not talking about books as part of decor - I'm not so fond of that. I hate books to be used as an alibi for the insipid. Granted, the second spread leans in that direction but since it's more about technology than throw pillows, I'm giving it a pass.

Below are the two spreads from Lucky that I've scanned. The first features those beautiful Penguin deluxe classics and the second features the Kindle. Guess you can gussy up an old bird!

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