News From Our Overlord, The Dark King of Technology

  • Well spank me and call me Sally, Rogers' monopology of the iPhone has ended, the Globe and Mail is reporting. Bell and Telus are set to start selling the iPhone as early as next month. This won't mean a cheaper iPhone but it does mean more choice as to service packages and bundled offers. This only relates thinly to books i.e. you can get yer Shortcovers fix through various providers but hey, more iPhone access is always good news!
  • Alan Wolk discusses whether piracy will ever seriously become a problem with e-books..(Uh duh. Do you like free things? Do you use torrent sites already? Would taking the time to hit a bookstore be a great hardship if you were dying to read the new Stephanie Meyer? Yes, yes and yes? OK then.) What I find most interesting about this article is that The Association of American Publishers is reporting that all types of books are being pirated, not just the newest, shiniest thrillers.
  • Only for the nerdiest - detailed report in the AppleInsider on the iPad's planned multi-touch surface. This baby will ignore the fact that you need to rest your palm when you type - small but significant. Click through for all the details.
  • Gizmodo is reporting that the NYT and textbook publishers are moving to have their products available on iTunes and that it would be for a new device, aka our friend the iPad. To be seen: whether the magazines/newspapers are optimized for the iPad, not merely translated (& poorly so, as we saw with the Kindle).
  • The history of tablets on Gadget Lab, including the hilariously inadequate Apple Newton (ha, nice name).

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