Everything I Knew About E-Readers And Was Afraid to Tell You

  • Dudes. I am so..ill...from...fun...hmm that's it. Just about to go to work and am putting the finishing touches on this baby and if none of this makes any sense please just ascribe it to the near coma I am currently in.
  • Techies are going into geek-induced spasms of delight over the new Barnes and Noble e-reader called the Nook. Who knew that a bookstore could produce such a delightful instrument that is both aesthetically pleasing and full of bells and whistles? Read the full Gizmodo review and spec comparison with the Kindle for all the deets. Basically, it's more affordable ($260 USD), has Wi-fi, accommodates PDFs and has a second screen. It's offers everything its competitors do (and then some) and it's cheaper. My fave feature is its ability to lend books to other Nook users for a two week period! Brilliant!
  • PlasticLogic has released the Que (pronounced like the letter 'Q'). It's a full 8.5"x11", just like your favorite paper size. It has a touchscreen and is 'shatterproof' in case you're a total monkey with holding on to your gadgets. It's wi-fi enabled and has a sexy black finish i.e. it looks a ton better than the first-gen-Nintendo-look alike that they released earlier. The Que's size means that it's probably intended for reading textbooks, newspapers and magazines.
  • TechCrunch looks at how magazines will be translated to the new tablets. Apparently plans are underway to make a Hulu for magazines (what!). Time Inc. is busy working on digital mag prototypes - though some of their ideas seem a bit backwards. What do you mean no links should be included in the articles? As TechCrunch so wonderfully puts it, you might as well just be using Encarta, like in the good old days (Encarta=total yawn. And its nature movies were always super crap quality). I also disagree that links detract from an article - it's just looping into existing info, kind of like footnotes but with the full details right at your fingertips.
  • Not really related to e-readers...so sue me: Amazon is now offering same-day shipping in select US cities! New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Las Vegas and Seattle - you are all lucky devils!
  • Don't go out and buy an e-reader! Here's why: available e-readers rely on e-ink technology that doesn't support colour, video or anything else interesting. LCD screens already support colour/video/cursor movements etc. and since we already stare at computers all day long (or at least I do) they can't be that difficult to read on. It's all about tablets. Wait for the tablets.
  • OK I gotta go and get me some Mickey D's breakfast now. Peace.

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