The Best of Fall 2009 (This Week): Women's Fiction, Straight Up

  • Family Album: I admit, this novel caught my eye because the author's name is Penelope Lively and I love the name Penelope. I am going to name all of my brother's children Penelope once I get the chance. Penelope Penelope Penelope! Anyway, the book is about an estate, dark family secrets and one hell of a reunion. Ms. Lively won the Booker for a previous novel, Moon Tiger.
  • When Autumn Leaves: This debut novel is authored by David Foster's daughter, Amy Foster, who is a songwriter for Michael Buble, among others. The novel is set in the magical town of Avening (British Columbia was used as inspiration). The title character, Autumn, is the guardian of the Jaen sisterhood but must move on to a higher calling and select her replacement.
  • Ice Lovers: I have a weakness for books about the Arctic/Antarctica/Mongolia/frozen wastelands. Author Jean McNeil, who is originally from Nova Scotia, spent a summer in Antartica and has been on a scientific expedition to Greenland. This novel is set in Antarctica in 2016. The ice is disintigrating and when a husband and wife team are forced to winter on the continent, they seek to find out the truth behind a colleague's disappearance three years prior.
  • Angel Time: Anne Rice is back! Or is she? She's definitely not writing about Jesus anymore (I hope). Angel Time is the first book in a new series called Songs of Seraphim guessed it..angels. Toby O'Dare is a contract killer who accepts an offer to help people, not kill them, and is transported back to 13th century England. Medieval Europe sounds like a great setting but is Rice really back in the game? Only one way to find out...


recedentia said...

I desperately want to read both the Ice Lovers and Angel Time, but I'm not sure I want to be seen reading Anne Rice. Ever. Dilemma.

B.Kienapple said...

Recedentia, that's what e-readers were made for! And also special editions of War and Peace with cut-out interiors. Also, you may want to read this excerpt first.


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