Best of Fall 2009 (This Week): Superwomen, Sexy History & Amy Sedaris

  • Last Night in Twisted River: I've never actually read any of John Irving's work. I guess he's like a legend or something, right? Agh, literary legends, making me guilty for not having read their work. Yeah, I heard you Zadie Smith. Irving's latest looks to have overtones of The Outlander, including a Canadian angle.
  • Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire: Mireille Guiliano served it up straight in French Women Don't Get Fat (walk! don't eat so much crap!) and now she's addressing another need of fraught women everywhere - Superwoman Syndrome.
  • Alfred And Emily: I LOVE Doris Lessing. Doris Lessing could write about crap on a stick and I would bow down and kiss all 10 of her toes. I can't even describe how it felt to read The Golden Notebook and have it just laid out how women still live as second class citizens, every which subtle way. This book (now in paperback) is a memoir about her parents' lives, how the Great War affected them and how their unhappiness lived itself out in Lessing's life. Who can't relate to that?

  • New York: the king of making history sexy is back on Nov 10 with another multi-generational tome. Edward Rutherford is indeed the author of Sarum and Russka. Nice to see Rutherford has turned his interest to this side of the pond. Check out Kanata in November to see Don Gillmor give Canadian history his own fictional makeover.
  • Inventory: The Onion A.V. Club once again gets to wank to its own cleverness! Hooray! Includes contributions by such greats as Chuck Klosterman, Amy Sedaris and...Andrew W.K...and such essential trivia as 14 tragic movie masturbation scenes. Party hard!
  • I Am the New Black: This recommendation comes courtesy of my favorite culture vulture, Jilly G. This is a little bit outside my usual field but I do love 30 Rock. Did you know that Tracy Morgan grew up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and dealt drugs until he was turned on to comedy? True story..or the truest version we are ever going to get.


karen said...

maybe i'll finally finish my copy of new amsterdam and read rutherford's new york, just to compare. mmm, history.

B.Kienapple said...

What city is New Amsterdam about?

karen said...

new york - but before the english bought it from the dutch. i was so close to the end, and then got distracted, and now i don't remember who everyone is.

it's a good book (i forget the author, i'm not at home to check) - combines historical documentation with fictionalised versions of real events.

schroedingrscat said...

You should read A Prayer For Owen Meany. Not Irving's best known work, but his best. And it's Toronto-oriented.


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