The Best of Fall 2009 (This Week): Memoirs, Experimental Fiction & Demented Pumpkins

I like doing this round-up thing. Maybe I'll keep doing it. Maybe I'll take cooking classes, maybe I'll volunteer, maybe I'll finally clean the tile in my shower. Isn't life just full of possibilities.

  • Half Broke Horses: YES!!! This is Jeannette Walls' follow-up to the phenomenal The Glass Castle. Not since the announcement of Liz Gilbert's sequel to Eat, Pray, Love (Committed) have I been so excited about a new release..oh no, I am a middle-aged woman. I'm a 25 year old woman stuck with the emotional intelligence of an Oprah magazine-reading, $10 fresh squeezed OJ-buying, Tory Burch-wearing woman! But seriously, did you read The Glass Castle? Did you cry?? Yes??? Then you see what I mean. Now seriously, where is the nearest Restoration Hardware?
  • Rebecca Born In The Maelstrom: I just finished reading an article in September's issue of The Walrus (good issue! I mock not!) about Marie-Claire Blais. Apparently, she is a highly revered, underread Canadian author who writes prose like the songs of angels. I know this may sound suspicious to you but reading her work is supposed to be a transcendant (albeit difficult) experience. Strictly for those of you who liked Virginia Woolf's The Waves and weren't annoyed by its lack of novel-ness.

  • Hush, Hush: And now for something completely different - YA romance. But undyling love, fallen angels, an ancient battle between the immortals - com'on, amazing! Great cover, too.
  • A Year in Lucy's Kitchen: Lucy Waverman's recipes always look so mouth watering in the Globe. This cookbook promises to be full of seasonal goodies. Fact: the way to my heart is through my stomach, greedy guts that I am.
  • The Only Thing I Have: This is Rhonda Waterfall's debut collection of short stories. Debut collections are always a difficult sell but the reviews for this title have been good and sadly, I am totally sold on the cover art so I will have to buy it. Also, I am totally dedicated to beefing up the meagre short stories and poetry sections in my 'home library' (read: two black Billy bookcases).
  • Extreme Halloween: I'm a little terrified by this book but I love all that is All Hallow's Eve. If I had a yard, I would be making a whole host of the pumpkin monsters contained in this demented DIY book.

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