Tablets Will Be King, E-Readers Can Suck It...

This is the buzz I'm hearing in the netherworld - the world where tech geeks dream big and cut through the ill-informed shit that is racketed about (I swear to the Great Creator that if I read ONE more article about how technology is fracking up grammar, our brains, our ability to socialize, Common Decency, whatever, I will blow my lid. Stop peeing yourself because the world is changing (/has changed)! Thank you Wired for your recent article on how Gen Y is more literate than previous generations thanks to technology. CBC, you pass too, though your tone is rather incredulous).

OK, so we know that the Apple Tablet is coming in early 2010 (word is that it's been christened the 'iPad') though production has been slowed due to problems manufacturing this beast in mass quantity.

Now Microsoft wants in on the game and for once their offering looks like it might deliver the Motherload. We're talking double screen bliss here. Microsoft has been threatening to make a tablet since 2001 but now God is reporting that MS will deliver this heaven, called the Microsoft Courier, in under two years (it only exists as renders so far but it will be made into flesh). The tablet will be seven inches and have touch screens that respond to either fingers or a stylus. The best part about it appears to be that it will have a colour e-ink screen that will handle graphics very nicely in a unique interface.

Why tablets, you ask? The wireless phone, whether an iPhone/Blackberry/Pre, is all fine and dandy but surfing on them, except where optimized for smart phones (i.e. Twitter), is rather tricky. The hunger is there for a portable device that has a screen large enough to allow for easy surfing. Imagine if you could not only check your email, surf, hop into your work files but also read e-books on this tablet, all at a size neither too big (laptop) or too small (smart phone). Sounds like integrated bliss, right? Bring on the tablet, I say.

Via TechCrunch
& TechCrunch again
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Monica said...

ooh.. i want an iPad... tho it sounds vaguely like a euphemism for a sanitary napkin.

B.Kienapple said...

HA. Thanks for that Monica. ;) Apple can do no wrong...yet...


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