Google Wages War on Amazon, But To What Effect?

The e-book battle continues as Google sets up alliances versus heavyweight Amazon.

Initially, Google partnered with Sony to provide around one million free public domain e-books to their store.

Now Google has aligned itself with UK-based Interead, the company behind the Cool-er e-reader, and will provide the same number of free e-books to their online store.

Granted, who is going to be reading these public domain books? Academics? School kids? Everyone knows that Amazon has the selection and pricing down pat. This is the sad fact of the matter.

Also, while the Cool-er e-store is now well stocked, you may not want to read them on the Cool-er's own e-reader. The review that came in from Gizmodo earlier this year indicated that problems abound. My biggest complaint, from what I can see in the review, is the computer-like font. The Sony and Kindle both mimic print type (easier on the eyes, I do think). The Cool-er's functionality looks entirely primitive, too. As Gizmodo says:
As if it wasn't obvious enough from its appearance, the Cool-er is designed to be the iPod of eBook readers. It succeeds in looking like an iPod and being available in a lot of colors, but fails in usability and design.
Apparently the Cool-er is releasing a wireless version in the not-so-distant future. Hopefully this new model will be far easier to use. A device can easily enough look like an iPod but if it doesn't have the intuitive response of an Apple machine, the iPod of e-readers it is not.

Via TechCrunch

[EDIT: Quillblog linked to this post! Happy day! Zoe Whittall is now writing (and blogging) for Quill, a very happy occurrence, if I may say so. I'm a rabid, obsessive fan of her novel Bottle Rocket Hearts. Expect to see a review of her latest, Holding Still For As Long As Possible, up here soon.]


busy91 said...

I suppose it is cute, I like my Kindle and if I had to chose between the google machine and a Sony, I'd pick the Sony. But I suppose they all are just fine. It will be interesting to see how it sells.

Luanne said...

Waiting and watching still...I'd like one, but I think I want til the dust settles a bit, then make a choice.

Heather said...

Interesting. I've already got a Sony, though, so I think I'm pretty much stuck with them for all eternity.

B.Kienapple said...

Hi Busy, I had the chance to use a Kindle last year but it was the old model. Kind of a non-issue here, though, since the Kindle isn't available in Canada. The Sony is pretty great but I sure wish I could have the new wireless version! That's where the Kindle really has the advantage - wireless downloading of new titles.


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