Books Are a Sweet Constant in the Whirlwind of Life

I don't know about you, but books are a constant that I rely upon in my life.

I'm thinking about this because I moved yesterday, within the same building yes but upwards five floors and over one tier north. I don't know if you've ever moved from a bachelor to a one bedroom before but the feeling of success is palpable. You complete your education, you struggle to find the perfect job, you make ends meet, you try to outwardly project an image of success that your bank account cannot quite support. As you go to work again (and again and again) you wonder if you're successful at all, or just successful at not staying still.

And then you move (or maybe you take a big vacation, whatever) and you realize you've been moving for a reason, you're moving on up (in my case, literally and figuratively).

It's not easy, though. Change is the bane of my existence. I fear it, always have and probably always will. But aside from the knowledge of an eventual end, one thing will always be the same - I'll be reading a book, doesn't matter much what it is as long as it takes me for a ride, releases me from the container of my thoughts and eventually deposits me back, my head hopefully on a little straighter than before.

If you're reading Truth and Beauty, for example, at your childhood home, in the airplane and back at your place, it looks the same, same flavour, same experience. I cite this example because moving from Nova Scotia was one change I really loathed. Reading Truth and Beauty on one trip back, in particular, helped me to cease obsessing on my own slip-sliding sense of unease.

I'll always rely on books as a breather from a world I feel I little understand and can hardly control.

Sometimes you just have to let the world work its will and sit back with a good book.

Just some thoughts for today.

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