Best of Fall 2009 (This Week)

  • An Echo in the Bone: Oh what what a new Diana Gabaldon. For sure, Outlander is going to make my Books To Lose Your Virginity To list. We all suffered through A Breath of Snow and Ashes for one reason, to finally see shizz go down thanks to the Civil War. This is supposed to be the final book in the Jamie and Claire sex saga and so I salute you, Di! Don't write any more John books!
  • Lemon: Cordelia Strube has written what looks to be a zingy tale about a precocious youngster with three moms, an adopted father and a deadbeat dad. What's more, high school isn't exactly a treat for Lemon, a misfit and bookworm, but she's determined to navigate the salty waters of real life in her own way. I have my copy so expect so see a review in a couple of weeks.

  • Her Fearful Symmetry: the author of The Time Traveler's Wife returns for a ghostly tale about twin sisters who move into their deceased aunt's flat near Highgate Cemetery in London. They become acquainted with the odd characters who live in the building and discover that perhaps their aunt is not so dearly departed as they had thought. Sounds less drippy than her previous so I'm willing to give it a go. Love the cover.
  • Gourmet Rhapsody: Barbary's previous, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, was a surprise hit last year. Her newest novel looks at the life of a famous food critic and celebrates the pleasures of food, a pursuit, in my opinion, that is always worth it.

  • It Feels So Good When I Stop: This is indie music hero Joe Pernice's debut novel. Looks like it'll be a Nick Hornby-esque tale of the travails of the modern Everyman - love and rock n' roll, a good combo in my books.
  • Bicycle Diaries: I know, another Penguin book. I swear, this is not a PSA, awesome is what awesome does. David Byrne (of The Talking Heads) is a cycling fanatic and these are his collected musings on music, urban planning, life and what have you, from the perspective of a world traveller (via bicycle).

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