Best of Fall 2009 This Week

I'm reading The Accidental Billionaires now and boy is it a quick read. Expect to see a review early next week. Here is another batch of fresh-picked fall books, baked into a lovely blog pie.
  • The Death Of Bunny Munro: Cool man himself, Nick Cave, has written a dark noir caper about a beauty product salesman who has quite the taste for the ladies. Cave was in Toronto last night for an event and he did a great interview with CBC's Q this morning. My twitter buddy @Lifeatblandings says it's also worth going for the audio version as Warren Ellis was involved.
  • Anathem: Now in mass market paperback, now on my shelves waiting to be reviewed! If you're a fan of sci-fi the latest from Neal Stephenson is not to be missed, according to rave reviews I've heard from various reputable persons.
  • Mathilda Savitch: Why have I not heard of this before? A first novel about a fearless girl that tries to uncover her murdered sister's dark past. Love the cover.
  • Three latest installments in the Extraordinary Canadians series: the Glenn Gould and L.M. Montgomery bios will be must-reads for me, especially since they're written by Mark Kingwell and Jane Urquhart, respectively.
  • Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession: Julie Powell's latest (of Julie and Julia) isn't coming out until December but hey, I'm the one using up my lunch break here. God she's self-involved. It's sort of great, though. She and Liz Gilbert will be duking it out for sales.

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I just finished the trailer for "The Death of Bunny Munro." would love your opinion.


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