The Best of Fall 2009 So Far

It's official, fall publishing season is here and the tsunami of new books is probably leaving most of us bewildered as to what to read next. Here are my picks for what's out right now:

The Accidental Billionaires: Thanks to Jill for pointing this baby out. Nothing like a nerd scandal to titillate. Get your fill of how two socially awkward nerds ended up founding Facebook and earning the Motherload.
Generation A: This will be the year I will read a Doug Coupland book. I can feel it. Something right's in the wind. Maybe it's those bees crying out to me to hear their cause. As if I'd do it for them.
The Guinea Pig Diaries: I hope this won't be terribly wacky but I'm a sucker for weird societal experiments. And this dude actually read the whole Encyclopedia Britannica. If I had a trust fund, I would totally do that for kicks, for real.
The White Queen: Trashy historical romance! Marci sent me this because she is awesome and my goal is to read and review it within the next month.
Boldface Names: This is gossip columnist Shinan Govani's oeuvre. Apparently Conrad Black is put through the shredding mill in it so I am all over reading this.
Under This Unbroken Sky: Filmmaker Shandi Mitchell presents a novel about the hardship of the prairies. You know how I feel about prairie novels..ambivalent..but Joseph Boyden loved it and so did Stephanie Domet (who I love ever since I read Homing) therefore I am pretty sure I am going to love it too.

Check back here as I continue to round-up the best of Fall 2009 minus Mr. Brown.


Kevin McF said...

How have you never read Coupland? I feel like you will love him

Luanne said...

The Guinea Pig Diaries sounds fun.

stephanie said...

Shandi's book is amazing. And thanks for reading Homing! Glad you liked it.

B.Kienapple said...

Kevin - you'd be surprised by the things I have never read..Flannery O'Connor, William Trevor, the Harry Potter novels (I kid not!) But Doug will come first.

Luanne - the author of GPD has an article in the latest issue of Real Simple if you'd like a taste of the book.

Stephanie - thanks for stopping by and commenting. Looking forward to your next book, be sure to let me know about it!

busy91 said...

A.J. Jacobs is great, I just finished one of his other books. Glad to see he has another book to add to myl TBR.


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