Humpday E-Reader Nerdom/Fight to the Death!!!

  • Cue The Flaming Lips' 'Fight Test'...
  • Gizmodo is baiting the big e-reader players into a battle to the death. According to these Gawker folks, the real fight is between the Sony, the Kindle 2, the Kindle DX and Plastic Logic (huh? Apparently it's to be aimed at a business crowd). The real winner, IMO, is going to combine Wi-Fi and a web browser with iPhone functionaility and user interactivity (a la the apps store). And let's not forget a low-glare colour screen!
  • The question remains, will Apple come in and accomplish exactly what they did with the iPod and digital music? The new Apple tablet, as we know, is in the works (to hit stores early 2010) and it's rumoured that it will be Apple's power play in the e-reader market. Coupled with iTunes, they have a fair shot but can they defeat the celebrity endorsed Kindle, backed by a very thirsty Amazon? Get details and early artist renditions at AppleInsider.
  • Sony is also gearing up for mass destruction. Its new e-reader will hit stores this December and will be priced at a competitive $400. The new version will have wireless connectivity, a larger screen, ability to borrow free e-books from their local libraries (yay!) and can even be read in landscape, not just portrait! Now if only they could match the selection of the Kindle. Get the full Gadget Lab report here.
  • Let the bloodbath begin...

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