Fashion Coffee Table Books - The Ultimate Indulgence

I've been working on two fashion books of late that I wanted to mention.

The first, Christian Lacroix On Fashion, is just amazing. It is an over-sized coffee table book in full colour and boy, is it ever a little piece of luxury. The photos are exquisite and so is the fashion. It even smells good, like a perfume you'd find at an Italian apothecary! By the way, photos from the latest collection can be found on NY Magazine's website. This book couldn't be more timely as the prestigious fashion house has been in the news due to its financial troubles (the house has never made a profit!). According to this NYT article, though, a new buyer may be in the wings.

The second, Christian Dior, is more a straight biography (with photos) of the famous French designer and is a more affordable choice to experience a little of that haute couture glamour. Photos from the latest collection can similarly be found in NY magazine's website.

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