Acme Plastics Makes a Mean Magazine Holder

Behold, my most recent find from Winners. The source is Acme Plastics, an industrial plastics distributor, from what I can tell.

I have a fetish for neon accessories but the best part about this holder is that it appears to be illuminated, in that it glows, all on its very own.

It is sitting on my very own blogging chair, a steal from C-Living back in my days of working in interior design. They make office furniture to die for.

Speaking of magazine holders, anyone seen the new Ikea picture ledges you can get for the Billy bookcase system? Since the 2010 catalogue hasn't been officially released I can't find any photos yet so I'll have to post later. I'm getting a wall of four black Billys and you bet I'll be outfitting them with these rails to show off Living Etc. or Love magazine.

Sorry for all the italics. I'm relocating to a bigger apartment in a couple of weeks and all that's on my mind is decor decor decor!

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saleema said...

These links are dangerous. I've already wasted too much writing-time today looking at Apartment Therapy and scheming crafty projects I'll probably never start, let alone finish...

That's great, though, about the new digs!


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