Winsome Covers By Ruben Toledo To Hit Shelves in August

A few weeks ago I blogged about the new classics covers designed by Ruben Toledo. Behold above all three!

Toledo is is an accomplished illustrator and well known for his work in the fashion industry for the likes of Louis Vuitton.

The above deluxe editions of The Scarlett Letter, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights will hit stores on August 25th, to coincide with Fashion Week in NYC.

To those who think it's crass to accessorize such prized works, well, if it compels people to read something that isn't Twilight, The Lost Symbol or one of those Stephanie Plum novels, so be it.

I love that the art is Tim Burton-esque and simultaneously sweet and creepy, much like the Japanese Gothic Lolita style of fashion.

Via The NYT

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saleema said...

I think these covers are great! And I agree: what could be wrong with attracting a few more readers to the classics?


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